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In the fall of her senior year, Jessie participated in a sports study abroad seminar focused on swimming. Encouraged by her high school coach, she looked forward to the challenge of attending and swimming at a NCAA university. After consulting with her parents and seeking advice from various sources, she contacted ACA, where we specialize in sports study abroad services. On October 15, she signed a contract with ACA at their Taipei 101 World Trade Center office, officially starting the application process for studying abroad in the US.

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Jerry Huang pursues his passions at the NCAA division 1 level in both sports and arts

Jerry distinguishes himself from other golf student athletes with his deep passion for art. He has been studying art since the third grade and has been enrolled in art classes throughout high school. After considering studying abroad in the United States during high school, Jerry was introduced to ACA through consultants’ recommendations and planning. Only then did Jerry and his parents truly understand the opportunity to study abroad in the United States, allowing Jerry an excellent chance to develop simultaneously in golf and art. This has also strengthened his determination to move forward toward this goal.

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Tiffany Tsai’s Hard Work Pays Off, Her Performance Results in an NCAA D1 Scholarship

Eventually, Tiffany won the 15th FCG Callaway World Championship in the U.S. with scores of 72-64-65, totaling 201 strokes over three days, finishing 11 under par. By then, ACA had negotiated generous full scholarship recruitment conditions with more than twelve U.S. college teams for Tiffany. However, these achievements were not coincidental but the result of perfect planning, groundwork, and cooperation between Tiffany, her family, and ACA.

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News from Partners

EC DESAFIO Soccer Club and Zhong Zheng Senior High School hosted a US Overseas Study Seminar with ACA – SOCCER

For letting Coach Reasso understand the playing level of young Asian soccer players, ACA hosted a【Soccer Experience and Athletic Overseas Study Seminar】with EC DESAFIO Soccer Club and Zhong Zheng Senior High School collaboratively. Coach Reasso was in charge of leading the training session and introducing US high school sports academy, and the CEO of ACA, Jim Mehren, presented the information of studying abroad as a student-athlete.

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Head Soccer Coach of Combine Academy in USA, Bob Reasso, visited Taiwan and provided instructions – SOCCER

In order to establish the right concepts for parents and young players, ACA collaborates with Master Football Academy (MFA) to host a 【Soccer Training and US Athletic Overseas Study Seminar】on April 15th. This event specially invited the Head Soccer Coach of Combine Academy, Bob Reasso, from North Carolina, USA, and offered Taiwanese young soccer players comprehensive skill instructions from Coach Reasso in person. He assigned several groups for team competitions, and let players engaged in real game experience in the evening.

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How to get recruited

Let’s get into the main focus of this post and a very crucial step in starting your journey of enrolling in a US college as an international student-athlete.

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