Jerry Huang pursues his passions at the NCAA division 1 level in both sports and arts

Congratulations to ACA student athlete Jerry Huang, who officially signed a scholarship with the Division 1 University of Texas-Arlington on November 19th at the ACA office, further advancing towards his dream of balancing golf and art!

Jerry distinguishes himself from other golf student athletes with his deep passion for art. He has been studying art since the third grade and has been enrolled in art classes throughout high school. After considering studying abroad in the United States during high school, Jerry was introduced to ACA through consultants’ recommendations and planning. Only then did Jerry and his parents truly understand the opportunity to study abroad in the United States, allowing Jerry an excellent chance to develop simultaneously in golf and art.

To achieve his dream, Jerry transferred to the CTBC International Academy in China. Here, he continuously strengthened his academic and English abilities as well as participated in American golf summer camps arranged by ACA advisors for two consecutive years during summer vacations to further improve his golf skills and confidence. The results were reflected in his performance in the second half of 2022. Not only did he frequently achieve scores below par, but he also set the lowest record of 62 (-10) at the China Golf Association South District monthly tournament!

As a result of his outstanding performance, U.S. college coaches who were interested in recruiting began to show serious interest. ACA actively arranged interview opportunities for Jerry, such as an interview with UCLA coaches, which provided valuable information and experience. After several interviews with university coaches, the head coach of North Texas University firmly locked in Jerry’s enrollment for 2024 as early as March 2023, and the two parties reached a verbal recruitment commitment.

However, ACA still recommended Jerry to train and compete in the United States during the summer of 2023 before signing officially in November, especially since it was difficult to predict whether the coach would continue at North Texas the following season. Before going to the United States in the summer, when ACA received news that the head coach of North Texas University was replaced, they immediately contacted the schools that had shown interest to open up opportunities for recruitment interviews with Jerry.

In the FCG Callaway International Tournament in mid-July, Jerry performed exceptionally well. His results included three rounds of total strokes below par, as well as winning three consecutive championships in IJGT events, impressing Casey Devoll, the head coach of the University of Texas Arlington. Coach Devoll offered a generous scholarship and enrollment bonus to recruit Jerry onto the team. After discussions between Jerry and his parents, they reached an agreement with the school.

Jerry and his father came to ACA to formally sign the enrollment recruitment contract. When talking with CEO Jim, we could feel the joy of Jerry and his father — there is nothing more exciting for ACA than witnessing clients achieve their dreams. Congratulations again to Jerry for successfully advancing towards his dream of attending university in the United States!

The University of Texas Arlington (UTA), founded in 1895, is the second-largest university in the Texas University system, with about 25,000 students. It offers 90 majors, and is renowned for business management, architecture, and humanities. The UTA Mavericks compete in the WAC conference with a total of 13 varsity sports programs.

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