Life of a student-athlete in the U.S.

Joining the U.S. college team, although it's tired, it's very worthy.

From 6 A.M., Johanna, the softball player from UCLA, will start her weighting training, the following is a team practice session. In the afternoon, there’re series of classes waiting for her. Furthermore, she would have the tutoring classes at night.
As a student-athlete, you have to take care of both schoolwork and sports one. For the honor of the school, you may spend all your time practicing with your team. Therefore, the school will provide help on academic performance.  For example, tutoring classes and advisors checking your progress and grades once a week and assisting you whenever you need it.
Joining a U.S. college sports team, academic and sports development can be well-balanced, not neglect each of them. The college will be a strong backing which can provide assistance; as a result, you can do your best to make yourself better without any worries.
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