Success case of ACA clients transferring from community colleges to NCAA universities

ACA successfully helped Winnie transfer from community college to a NCAA Divisiom 1 School. She started playing for the University of Cincinnati team in her sophomore year

In 2021, Winnie was already a high school senior, uncertain about whether she could play golf at a U.S. university. She searched for school information, compared recruiting conditions and qualifications, applied for scholarships at multiple schools, but received no response, feeling completely shut out. With her high school graduation approaching, should she give up her dream of studying abroad in the United States?

Fortunately, in October Winnie and her family were introduced to ACA through the GAROC and the Taiwanese golf community. After careful consideration and evaluation with her parents, she officially signed with ACA. CEO Jim was impressed by Winnie’s stable skills and positive attitude, deciding to do his best to contact schools and coaches for her before the start of the next academic year. After consistently communicating and evaluating the family’s capabilities and scholarship needs, ACA came up with a plan for Winnie. This entailed beginning her career at a community college, adapting to daily life and playing on a team in the U.S., performing well in tournaments, and garnering the attention of American university coaches. This process is crucial for students who have never competed abroad.

For the remainder of 2021, after signing with ACA in October, shooting recruitment videos in November, starting video interviews with college coaches in December, and relying on Winnie’s good academic performance in the meantime, in just three months ACA secured a full scholarship for Winnie. In January of 2022, Barton Community College in Kansas offered her a contract and a spot on the team. Originally, Winnie was supposed to postpone her application schedule for a year, but ACA achieved it in just three months, allowing Winnie to enroll in the United States in the fall of 2022, right after her graduation.

Winnie had finally realized her dream of going to the United States, and continued to work hard to improve her game, performing exceptionally well at Barton CCl. In May 2023, she participated in the NJCAA Division I National Championship in Kansas, leading the team to sixth place and setting the Cougars’ team record. She was also selected for the NJCAA All-American Women’s Golf Second Team, ranking ninth individually, marking a perfect end to her freshman season.

In the fall of 2023, Winnie’s outstanding performance in winning three individual championships and two runner-ups in NJCAA attracted the attention of several NCAA Division I universities. Through multiple recommendations from ACA’s advisory team, before the end of the first semester of her freshman year in December 2022, Winnie had already secured a recruitment contract from the University of Cincinnati, a Division I school. The two parties signed a three-year full scholarship student-athlete agreement. After completing her one-year contract at Barton CC, Winnie transferred to the University of Cincinnati as a sophomore.

Winnie not only achieved good results in competition over the past year, but also maintained a GPA of 4.0 in both semesters, which was an important factor in acquiring the full scholarship from the University of Cincinnati. Next, with the blessings of her coaching staff and teammates, Winnie will embark on a new life at the University of Cincinnati in NCAA Division I in her sophomore year, continuing to pursue her dreams.

Looking back on this journey, besides the efforts of the athletes themselves to balance sports and academic performance, the full trust and authorization of students and parents alike is crucial. Through mutual understanding and communication, ACA’s advisory team considers the students’ conditions, needs, and family situations to find the most suitable schools for them. This has always been our goal.

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